Facility Tour

Welcome To Martin’s Quality Eggs

We enjoy giving our customers tours, but we cannot do this as much due to food safety concerns. So we have decided to give our customers a glimpse of what happens to get the eggs from the hens to the table. We pick up the  nestrun (straight from the hen) eggs at the local family farms. We bring them in to our plant  in under refrigeration.






First of all, the eggs are put on to our machines with a robot.

We use suction to place the eggs onto the tracks to go through the washer. The two suction heads can each pick up sixty eggs at once.

The eggs go through twin washers to remove any dirt from the henhouse.

Then, we check the eggs for cracks. A broken egg will vibrate differently when jostled, so our machine can pick out the cracked and leaking eggs.

Next we check the eggs for dirt that the washers may have missed. This machine has sixteen cameras to view the eggs from each angle.

Next the eggs are packed into cartons for the store or into trays for restaurants and bakeries and then our dedicated staff pack them into boxes for distribution.  

With the advancing technology, we are able to pack most of our eggs automatically. This machine can process 144,000 eggs per hour.                                                                                       

The eggs are stacked onto skids and then placed in refrigeration until they are delivered to your restaurant or supermarket.