When Lester Martin, a farm boy, was 15 years old; his father Ellis, hired him to J. S. Doster & Sons to assist the egg route huckster, collecting eggs from the local farms. Later, he began driving the truck, delivering eggs to Philadelphia and Washington D. C.

In 1964, Doster offered the business for sale.  Lester, assisted by his father Ellis, a local farmer, purchased it. Lester’s younger brothers, Ellis, Ray, and Wilmer soon became involved, thus it was named E.K. Martin & Sons. The Martins, which now include some of the fourth generation, continue processing and marketing eggs from local farms and delivering them to the surrounding cities and the nearby communities.

Through the years, the Martins endeavored to follow the motto, “A good name is to be chosen above riches.” Our hope and prayer is that, as God blesses continued opportunities, the experience will be built on fairness and honesty.